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Non-profit Organization Survival During a Pandemic

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Shippensburg Area Athletic Association President Todd Martin present's check to Shippensburg Midget Football President Jeremy Stouffer.


Sporting events, raffles, drawings, golf tournaments, community fairs, and fundraisers are being postponed and canceled on a daily bases since the Covid-19 epidemic hit our country. In addition to that non-essential business were shut down. These events and businesses are what non-profit organizations depend on to survive. Organizations have had to look outside the box to find new ways to raise funds.

Lots of organizations have started to look into virtual fundraisers to raise money. Drawings and raffles are now being live streamed on Facebook live and other social media sources. Golf tournaments, bike rides, and marathons have went virtual as well.

Organizations can set up an event and participants can do them on their own time. Golf Tournaments are held at venues, like the Divot House in Chambersburg PA, where you can pick from 53 different golf courses to play on a full swing simulator.

Virtual bike rides and marathons can be done from any location. Participants register for the event and then bike, run, or walk a route of their choice for the distance required. There are apps that can track all participants time and distance. Food sale fundraiser have shifted from large gatherings to drive thru events. These events can all be done by following the CDC guidelines of social distancing. Proven fundraiser being adapted to work during this difficult time.

The Shippensburg Area Athletic Association has been supporting the community and local athletics since 1973. We are luckier then some of the other non-profit organizations in the Shippensburg area because we were able to get one of our yearly fundraisers off before Pennsylvania shut everything down. We held our yearly Bingo on March 1st and the Governor shut the state down two weeks later. From that fundraiser alone, we were able to make a substantial donation to the Cumberland Valley Hitmen football program for their help during the event.

Going forward, there are some uncertainties with fundraisers. Our two biggest fundraisers, Shippensburg Fair and annual golf tournament, have been canceled for 2020. SAAA board is adapting to the times and looking to add other fundraisers to off set loss of funds since the fair and golf tournament had to be canceled. We are currently running a virtual mini gun/money drawing. The SAAA ran a Smith's Chicken dinner fundraiser in August that helped to offset some of the money lost from canceled fundraiser events.

Postponing of the start of the adult baseball season has helped with the SAAA save money but we are not sitting on these funds. The SAAA is planning on using these funds to help out our community in these difficult times. We have already awarded two scholarships and made donations to the Greyhound Baseball Boosters, Shippensburg Midget Football, and to the Shippensburg Community Park and Rec for their 4th of July fireworks display. The SAAA has plans of supporting other community and sports organizations in the near future.

The Shippensburg community will becoming out of this difficult time stronger and more united then ever before. Businesses and organizations are stepping up to the plate every day to help out our community. Remember to shop LOCALLY, these groups are the ones that supports local non-profit organizations and sports programs!

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