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SAAA and SASHS Baseball Team Revitalize Ball School

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

The Shippensburg Area Athletic Association. and the Shippensburg Senior High School Baseball team partnered to create a six week ball school program for girls and boys ranging from 4 to 11 years old. We had 57 players sign up and 15 coaches volunteered their time. Coaches consist of High School baseball and softball coaches, former minor league players, along with Shippensburg Stars players and coaches.

The program aims to break down the fundamentals of fielding, throwing and hitting, into the simplest form. Once they have a grasp of these basic fundamentals we can build on them. This develops fundamentally sound ball players.

Ball School was created in the 1980’s as a precursor to developing kids before playing little league. This program went till the 1990’s but was eventually stopped. From the date it was stopped till 2019, young ball players weren’t learning the fundamentals of the game till being placed on an organize sports teams. This program has created a way to teach fundamentals before playing competitively. This helps to build their confidence in the game. .

The Covid-19 virus has affected a lot of normalcies in our daily lives these days. With that being said the Shippensburg Area Athletic Association will not be running ball school like we did last year. We are looking into running weekend clinics over the winter. We are currently working on details and will be posting more details about the events once all details have been worked out.

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