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Shippensburg’s July 4th Firework Show is a Go!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

The July 4th fireworks is something that the Shippensburg community looks forward to every year. The Shippensburg community rallied together this year to raise money so this annual event could happen. The community raised over $6,000 for the event.

To some this might not seem like a giant feet but to a community that has been shutdown for 3 months due to Covid-19, this gives us a sense of normalcy. It is awesome to see a community, that has been hit hard financially by the virus, rally around a single event to brings so much joy to our community.

There might be a different feeling to this years event because of limited capacity, social distancing, and face mask being encouraged but something is better then nothing. The Shippensburg Area Athletic Association was proud to be able to make a contribution to such a great event for our community. We would also like to thank the other donors for stepping up to help out.

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